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"I want to raise the bar, to be the actual best performer, to be the best man possible, to be the biggest WWE superstar the world’s ever seen." - Roman Reigns

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Here’s information about the conventions:

I probably wouldn’t have known about them had I not gone to Supernatural conventions.

Zach is really funny and sweet. I’m also pretty sure that he was drunk, LOL. I got my picture with him and he was just a doll.

I feel like Damon’s edge is taken away a little bit. He’s still awesome and I love him. But he’s kind of like a lovesick puppy and it irks me.

I feel like Elena brings out the worst in him. I would much rather have Damon’s character involved with anyone else on the show.

Oh My God. I love you. There is a convention in Vegas in September, I just literally called my sister and was like ‘I want to go!’ Oh, it has to happen…it seems kind of pricey but hey, it’s at the Rio and that is an expensive hotel and it’s the cast of Vampire Diaries, of course the rates are going to be there. It seems like the Serenity/Firefly convention I went to years ago. 

When they are drunk is the best time to ever do anything with celebrities, I’m just saying. Ugh, you got a picture with him. You must prove it now.

Well, he is a lovesick puppy from the beginning, he is chasing after Katherine ever since like the beginning of the show. True he is a bad ass, his personality alone is flawless but I think him being a love sick puppy is him just wanting closure? Wouldn’t anyone want that closure regardless?

I feel the absolute, I hated Damon’s character with Caroline. I didn’t like his thing with Vicki…I just don’t think any of the females have that strong personality to like tame him of sorts or match wits where as Katherine or Elena could.

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I went to a Vampire Diaries convention 2 years ago and falling in love with Zach Roerig, it made me appreciate Matt more. I feel like the writers don’t really give a shit about his character and it’s unfortunate.

I won’t give away any major story lines, but I just hate the way that Damon’s character interacts with Elena. And I hate the way that Elena treats him.

I’m not an Elena/Stefan shipper by any means, but Elena/Damon makes me want to gag.

They had a Vampire Diaries convention?! Where was I and why wasn’t I told? Where is this such thing now?! What did he do to make you love him more? I seriously don’t, think that they have him for pity parties or for shits and giggles….

Opposed to now? I mean, he is a sarcastic asshole that doesn’t give a shit now and she hates him to an extent in the first season, what changes? Does she and him actually stop caring about each other? Because it seems the way they act in the first season they are caring about each other in a sense but yet they act like they don’t? 

I don’t know who I ship, I can and could see either ship…I just love Damon…I know that is bad and wrong for me to say but he has to be my favorite hands down….

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I really love Katherine too, she’s a good villain. I like Matt, but I mostly just feel bad for him. I still love Damon, but I hate the way they wrote his character and the way that they make his character act in season 4.

She is a great villain….I don’t know to like her for being evil or like her that she was able to score both brothers and be able to hook up with both or hate her for being so dang good at being evil and being so seductive…Mat is one of those characters where you like them and can tell that they are trying to do their best with what they are handed too, considering all the shit his life is at, even though they don’t shine a lot of lime light on him, you feel bad but yet he is being strong through it all, he can be a good dominant character. Oh good god, am I going to have to go stake or cut those fucking writers when I get to season 4 cause I love the way he is now?

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